pedro a. ramírez

*born in bogotá, co 1993.
*living in cologne, de. 

*makes sound art,  
       sound design,
       graphics and

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Rotary Alchemist (2021)

the studio, the artist's workshop that sees the birth of forms inside the private sphere.
the performance arts which allow themselves to be surprised by this morphogenesis.
from the practice of improvisation, motifs are trained rather than reworked.
Unborn performance studios,
gray degradés between
the smooth and the striated.
False dialectic between the studio and the stage,
he who tests his skills outside,
he who rejoices his gestures in private.

limited edition of 30 home-dubbed cassette tapes.

_written and produced between august 2020 and march 2021 by Pedro Ramírez
_drums, voice y additional processing by oto duarte in "aburrimiento estético"
_poem in "stranger" by S lister
_mastered by carlos quebrada in buenos aires, arg.
_art and design by pedro a. ramírez

A Man Going Nowhere (2017)

On YouTube someone comments at a live performance in Liverpool on Zach Hill's drum solo Necromancer: 'A lot of incoherent noise, a man going nowhere' From a casual comment born of incomprehension, ignorance or derision many questions were revealed to me: What is life, artistic creation, if not a constant journey into the uncertain? What can one expect in sound practice other than being trapped in a continuous present? There are things that go so fast that they give the impression of being still. And there are others that are just moving, going swiftly towards some place they don't know yet...

released July 31, 2017

_The comprised material arose from a single solo guitar improvisation, later further retouched with digital tools.
_Recorded in one take during March 2016 in Bogotá, Colombia.
_Minimum post-processing except for 'A Stray Man' and 'A MAN GOING NOWHERE (prelude)'
_Lathe Vinyl cut by Ruido de Fondo in Medellín, Co.
_Art, Design and Concept by Pedro Ramírez


//  additional recordings at nina, soundcloud  //

they always started with i (2023)

Hye Young Sin and Pedro Ramirez are a duo of sound artists based in Cologne, Germany. Their shared interest is to develop sonic experiments that blend the inner properties of acoustic and electronic sound, enhancing the experience of sound and placing the sonic variety at the core of their creative process.

In their collaboration work they developed an improvised sound performance revolving around the idea of creating acoustic ecosystems with the usage of different home appliances activated with motors along with lowercase electronic sound manipulation techniques. Through this sonic interaction, it attempts to build up live-sounding narratives that blur musical categories of the acoustic and the electronic and therefore raise awareness of minuscule sound realities.

The 20-minute performance actively involves low volume and diffusion of sound in the air as an aesthetic principle. By doing so, the artists draw attention to silence as an active agent during the performance, one that is traversed by multiple rhythms of motors and crisp electronic tones.

Recorded live in Gemeinde Köln the 1st of February 2023

Mercurio frente al Sol - Por la inflamada esfera (2022)

(Mercury in front of the Sun) was an experimental music trio playing in the eve of the COVID19 pandemic. It gathered the languid melodies of Valeria Oggioni, the sound poetry practice of Sara Fernández and the concrete siege of Pedro Ramírez.

‘Por la inflamada esfera’ material emerged from long improvisation sessions. This edition comprised by a live recording and further retouched sound file captured during the concert “Flores, matas y algo más” that took place in the now extinct but legendary restaurant ‘La Normanda’ in downtown Bogotá the 7th of February, 2020.

released October 5, 2022

Sara Fernández - voice + effects
Valeria Oggioni - voice + synthesizer
Pedro Ramírez - sampler + synthesizer

Sound recording by Sebastian von der Heide
Additional sounds and mixing by Pedro Ramírez

Art and design by Camilo García A.

KRAKATOA by Opaal (2017)

An album by the Bogotá noise-rock band Opaal inspired by the Krakatoa volcano, whose explosions have reached the highest sound intensities ever recorded. From these events the onomatopoeia KRACK! gets its name, being the most frequent representation of rumbling, rumbling and cracking in comic graphic language.

"a sound was heard from the mountain Batuwara... a similar noise from Kapi... The whole world was greatly shaken, accompanied by heavy rain and storms, but not only did this heavy rain not extinguish the fire of the eruption of the mountain Kapi, but it increased the fire; the noise was frightful, at last the mountain Kapi with a huge roar broke into pieces and sank into the deepest part of the earth. The water of the sea rose and flooded the land, the country east of the mountain Batuwara, to the Rajah of mountain Basa, was inundated by the sea; the inhabitants of the northern part of the country Sunda to the Rajah of mountain Basa were drowned and swept away with all the force of the water... The water subsided, but the land on which Kapi endured became the sea, and Java and Sumatra were divided into two parts."

released February 17, 2017

Recorded and Mastered by Sergio González at Rat Trap.
Mixed by Sergio González and Pedro Ramírez between 2016 and 2017.

Art and design by José Sanín / Mejores Días.

Opaal is:
José Darcy Cabrera - Drums
Jerónimo Velásquez - Guitar
Pedro Ramírez - Guitar and electronic devices