pedro a. ramírez

*born in bogotá, co 1993.
*living in cologne, de. 

*makes sound art,  
       sound design,
       graphics and

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An Uncontacted Tribe (2022)

a project by Hanna Noh

An uncontacted tribe is an experimental film that undertakes a ritual journey to endangered faunas combining dance, 3D graphic animation, and sound. Following the concept of the "Transboundary protected area ", the DMZ (the Korean Demilitarised Zone between South Korea and North Korea) becomes an “unexpected paradise” for endangered animals. The shaman is possessed by the spirit of a red-crowned crane, a central symbol in Korean culture. The spirit invites us on a magical flight to experience unexplored territory beyond our physical limits. The film is presented surrounded by paper installations.

Extrem! (2023)

in collaboration with etc animation

We are in the midst of weather extremes: Heat waves, drought, flooding.
Temperate regions are set to become potentially "extreme" in the 21st century.
Large parts of the world will dry out, while others will be submerged in water.
Farmers are fighting drought. Contingency plans are being developed.
Every last drop is now being fought for the right to water.
What impact will it have, or has it already had, on our lives?
How do people deal with and experience such extreme conditions?
Media artists have developed animated artistic positions within a 5-day workshop at KunstWerk Köln e.V..
The results will be presented to the public in a 3-day exhibition.

Intentos por dejarse caer dentro (2021)

a project by Jonas Radžiūnas

A group of people is trying to deal with life while they´ve being affected by their existence. Experiencing some contentious political events in Colombia at the same time that arises an interrogative about how they can understand reality.