pedro a. ramírez

*born in bogotá, co 1993.
*living in cologne, de. 

*makes sound art,  
       sound design,
       graphics and

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pedro a. ramírez (b.1993) is an artist,sound designer and programmer hailing from Colombia. Inspired by Bogota's thriving independent music scene, he has honed his artistic career by crafting album covers and participating in informal gigs across Colombia, Brazil, and Germany. His creative interests traverse the boundaries of extreme hardcore punk and electro-acoustic and computer music techniques.

Currently, he is furthering his exploration of sound synthesis at Kunsthochschule für Medien. His work embodies a unique blend of visual and sound art, characterized by the seamless integration of images and sounds. His art is influenced by cybernetics, computer music algorithms, and the organic knowledge-sharing strategies within underground music scenes.

CV upon request.