pedro a. ramírez

*born in bogotá, co 1993.
*living in cologne, de. 

*makes sound art,  
       sound design,
       graphics and

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Death Spiral (2017)

Concept description:

"Ants are blind and orient themselves to each other by following the pheromone trails of their mates. The death spiral is a phenomenon that happens when their nature encounters an error. Their system enters an infinite loop when a group of warrior ants become isolated from their course and lose track of each other. Disoriented, they start following each other in a continuous spinning circle. The ants spin and spin until they meet their death by exhaustion.

Feedback is an ouroboros, the snake that swallows its own tail. A symbol of introspection, the eternal return or the cyclical in the sense of something that is constantly recreating itself. It also represents nature's infinite cycle of destruction and creation. Life and death. The infinite..."

Technical description:

Sound installation. Electrical guitar, guitar amplifier, Axoloti sound microcomputer, light sensor, Etched Acrylic plate, LED lightning.

When the viewer crawls to read the text he covers the light over a light sensor, then the amplifier volume goes up enabling feedback between the electrical guitar and the guitar amp producing howling tones and shrieks. When the viewer steps away, the gain in the amp returns low stopping the feedback