murmur editions


This is one page of the fanzine project I’ve started with Murmur, My girlfriend’s hair-dresser project. I was in some kind of paralysis, in some state of shock that stopped me from drawing or creating in general. We came across making a fanzine about anything simple, just to get started making things again, to warm-up the motors and get everything moving. So one of the principles we made was basically no rules. I’m really used to start making everything so complicated that at one point even thinking about it becomes a dread.

The fanzine is free if you make your hair cut by her, or you can buy it for COP 12.000 (which is like 4USD).

For now there’s two editions and we are planning to release a new one each 2 months, usually the time it takes for your hair to be unbearable.

The drawings can be a little too self indulgent and gratuitous but hopefully they’ll start getting complex with along the issues.

Anyways, follow Murmur instagram page for any updates

Written on September 7, 2019