Recent Shows Documentation

It’s been a long time since I publish something in here, but I would like to keep things moving. Since I don’t record my music that much I think it could be interesting to share about videos and audio that has been recorded from my live shows:

This one was made by Luminaria Vespertina, which is conformed by Wilson Lozano on his Go-Pro camera.
Actually there are a several videos of this date, some with better quality than others.

This video got a got general impression of how the concert sounded but I personally loved the last minute recorded by Juan Manuel Jaramillo: (warning: Loud volume video)

I think it captured the high level volume of the excellent sound system in Matik-Matik.

On the technical side of things, I’m really enjoying the stutter pedal programming I did on my Axoloti-driven pedal.
It’s the metal box in the right, with the knobs and the footswitches amgn_setup
Since I got that board, around 2016 after my trip to Germany, I was really interested into programming my own stutter, granular and other buffer-modification effects but never actually got it to work out. Recently, after exploring Max/Msp again, finally understood typical applications for buffer and made myself a stutter pedal with Ring Modulation :)

This was another concert of mine recorded last week in which I was invited sporadically to the “Taller de Alto Desempleo” concert sessions organized by my friend Daniel Piedrahita in his art-studio in Rat Trap. One of the conditions of the concerts is to play music at moderate levels of volume, just because his atelier is in a residential area and it’s not acoustically prepared for loud concerts. My take on this challenge was to play music on a Bose Soundlink+ system, in mono, and use the built-in iPhone. I really liked the quality of the recording although the details of the sounds out of my phone were not captured.

The apps I used for this concert were mainly Droneo and a File Player running in AUM and Ripplemaker running on my iPhone. That week I was exploring a the possibilities of Droneo, and thinking about Just Intonation and other tuning systems. I really like that feature but I’m only on my way to learn to use it properly yet.

Written on November 4, 2019