Hola Mundo

As some people may know already, I’ve been dealing a fight against some of my deepest addictions which is social media. I’ve been reading a lot about it and I have implemented as well several methods found online in order to try to regulate my behaviours inside the net. One thing I’ve discovered is the daunting expectancy of approval that the ‘likes’ system provokes in me. I’ve found myself shamelessly looking over and over how many people look at my Instagram stories, or how many likes a link I’ve shared has been seen on Twitter. My mind just works in a way that is somehow addicted to numbers, to the ability to measure anything, whether it is worthy or not.

One of the things that made me want to change my habits were conversations with my girlfriend. I could realize that this anxiety-driven thing was way bigger than I had expected. How many time and how much effort dissipated through scrolling into the void. How much I cared for what other people did (or not) and not paying attention to my own efforts.

Anyway, after reading several productivity books I came to realize that maybe managing social media could be the start of a new refreshed approach to my life. As suggested in the ‘Atomic Habits’ book I applied a rather extreme tip in which I would give all my passwords to my girlfriend, she would change them and keep them away from me all week and finally give them to me for two days on weekends. This way I was away from twitter, instagram and facebook even if I wanted to, because all my devices would log out. It seemed radical, but has been one of the only things that I’ve found useful.

I know maybe some of you could suggest to simply end my subscriptions to this platforms, but for me, as an artist, has been rather difficult. We’ve come to an age in which all promotion duties for concerts, artshows and workshops is mediated through the social media platforms, so I’ve prefer to regulate rather than eliminate my presence online.

As read in a lines forum blog post, it was suggested to start a blog. There are countless benefits and approaches into having one. Whether it is to keep a diary, document learning processes, or whatever. The act of making something public is beautiful. What I like particularly about blogging is that it keeps me away of the social-acceptance mechanism of the ‘likes’.I mean, I know that there still are web analitics and that stuff but anyways, this could be my first blog in a decade so I’m just hoping it works out.

Even though Spanish is my mother tongue, this blog will be held in English. It’s a matter of taste and practicity. I’ve really dug deep into english-based blogs so It’s an attempt to make it a little bit more universal.

This is the first entry of my new blog titled Air.Pop.Crack, I will share personal experiences, thoughts about music, art and lifestyle, as well as content for my podcast at CordilleraRadio.

I hope you enjoy and I hope this works for me

Written on September 7, 2019