An Echo on Another's mind

Yesterday I was sharing with friends and found myself in a room. The same room I was partying 5 years ago. At that time, halfway through my fine art studies I was filled with hope: I wanted to apply to an exchange program abroad, the comic book editorial with our friends was just starting out and my then-active bands were at it’s peak of creativity.
I keep thinking about the years after these moments, where I stood still in front of everything, frozen. I couldn’t get anything done, nothing but small sketches and crooked artistic masturbation that led nowhere.

Anyways, I now make publicy available my first short comic in about 5 years after a deep struggle with myself trying to discover what I really like.
As everything described on this blog, I don’t care whether it’s good or not. My mood has a vector these days with only one direction and it’s to create loads of work. Nevertheless I am more than open to any comments, criticism, things I should do better or whatever the readers find appropiate to say about my work.
I share the comic in this fancy 3d render because the software I use offers it and actually looks pretty similar to the actual printed one. And as I’m paying for the software, better use the tools they offer hehe
The title is a reference from a Derek Bailey’s song on the Aida record. Actually the shirt of the guy in the cover says Aida as well.

Things to do next time:

Try to figure out a more straight forward narrative. I come from an art comic world and to be honest I’ve been way more interested in the visual part of the drawings than the stories themselves. In this one I’ve found myself struggling with the end. It was extremely difficult to make a shocking end without making a reminiscence of Junju Ito’s work lol. Also as the reader may already noticed, the speech bubbles are empty. I really couldn’t figure out what to fit in but on the other hand I enjoy the suggestion that the characters are talking.

Written on February 10, 2020